Here are 7 reasons that designers make awesome friends—and even better spouses! (Yes, clearly I'm biased.) 

  1. You will never run out of pillows or blankets. Our (white) couch seems to have an endless supply of patterned accessories. We have a philosophy in our home, the more color and patterns you add, the more it makes sense.
  2. You can be nerds at the paint store and discuss whether a color is grey-blue or blue-grey. P.S.—I apparently think everything is blue. 
  3. Curiosity is equally as strong as creativity. Whether music, food, or random facts, my wife loves to discover new things. (see #5)
  4. On long road trips, billboards become a topic of conversation. With an endless array of fonts, poor kerning, and photoshopped graphics, there's always something to say. And hey, it's not all bad. Sometimes we simply say, "Oh, I like that!"
  5. Travel and adventure are inevitable. The world is a vast place and creatives want to see it all! Paris had always been on my bucket list, and in our first year of marriage, my wife was like, "So...why don't we just go!" We did. 
  6. Need to remodel a bathroom or kitchen? Remodeling ideas are easy to come by. Now actually doing the work...well, that's a different topic. 
  7. Your intuition and listening skills improve. Designers are often magicians—listening to client's desires and having to turn words into design. You become a master at the phrase: "So what you're ACTUALLY saying is..." BONUS: This skill works both with clients and at home over the dinner table. 
Stephen Palacino