1) You catch yourself looking at your bio picture and saying, “…wait…do I look like that?" You don’t have to be a model to take a nice photo. If you feel awkward looking at yourself then it may be time for a refresh. Hey, it’s your face! It’s okay to look your best.

2) Employee group shots highlight the latest fashion trends from early episodes of Friends. Unless someone on your staff just really loves shoulder pads, make sure your employees at least appear to be from the current decade.

3) You’re showing people that have been fired. Take. Them. Down.

4) Your product photos look vintage inspired—and it’s NOT because you’re using a filter from instagram. If your product shots seem a bit outdated they probably are. When it comes to products, photos function as information rather than art. Shots should be bright, clean, and decluttered.

5) You often say at least one of the following: “We all have iPhones.” / “I can take the photos.” / “My cousin/friend/sister’s dogsitter will be there with a camera.” Unless you or your sister’s dogsitter happen to also be professional photographers, don’t leave your important moments up to chance. (See #6)

6) Important moments are being missed. Event photography may seem like an unneeded expense, but you’ll want your event to be captured with the same level of detail that you put into planning the event. Good photography captures a moment. Poor photography captures images.

7) Your photos no longer represent what you do. Photos should always represent who you are. Prospective clients will evaluate your company based on what you say and what you show online. Make sure they’re seeing accurate, relevant photos.

8) You just completed an awesome project! Let your hair down! Show off! Okay, just for a minute. If you have a great project to share or are excited about a new product or company milestone, make sure you capture that moment!

Blog Thumbnail Image courtesy of Smart Photography Course.

Stephen Palacino