1) It’s Christmas time: add some animated snow or a cartoon elf to the homepage.

No rebuttal needed.

2) Just get something up and fix it later.

As designers we hate hearing this. We understand the sentiment, but often creating something without a true plan of action creates more headaches on the backend. It’s better to spend another two weeks in the planning phase than having to spend an extra four weeks fixing hastily applied ideas.

3) It’s okay to build your own website if you have the time.

Yes it is. But the following things must also be true: You have a sense of design. You’re starting with great content. And most importantly—your time isn’t BETTER spent elsewhere. Some who could make time to create their own website realize that their time is valuable, and losing business momentum to stop and build a website doesn’t make financial sense.

4) Make it “pop.”

This phrase is frustrating. Both the designer and client have different interpretations of this word…and experience shows they’re never the same. Instead of trying to make things “pop” take the time to think about your brand, evaluate how you want visitors to feel, and talk openly with your designer. It’s easier to sift through too much information than try to interpret vague words.

If you’ve heard one or all of these items—it’s advice better left ignored. We wouldn’t hastily build a brick and mortar store or build with vague construction plans. It’s time to treat websites with the same thoughtfulness. 

Stephen Palacino